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Over the last few months I have not only experienced the most trying of situations, but I have learned some things that I didn't even know was possible with me. I remember when I was little my momma would always tell me ”never be afraid to try something new”. Because I was normally a very quiet and reserved child. I never took anything at face value. Especially on topics of faith or politics, topics of which I often give a lot of thought. But anyway, over the last few months I have really began to realize just now much negative people have impacted me over my lifetime. It has been so much so that they had me believing that I couldn't do this - or that. And primarily it was teachers while I was growing up, who should have invested in me, that I was nothing but a problem to them. Thus, I grew up believing that I couldn't do stuff and that everything was impossible.

So, these last few months after moving to Manhattan and studying this new culture I have not only realized that these people as a culture are so loyal at heart, that they will not only defend one another but, they are often perplexed over the southern culture (where I am from) because we often major on the minors and we (as a southern culture) are willing to fight over it. Which causes more drama and grief on top of what we are already experiencing.

Anyway, this being said, over the last few months I have discovered that everything that I have ever learned (except for my faith), every gossip, every preconceived notion is a lie. And it is with this in mind that I decided over a month ago that I am going to test every extent of my abilities. Everything that I thought that I couldn't do- I am going to do. Thus, I have decided to stretch my wings and increase my talents. For which I have really put myself to the test over the last month with drawing and painting on all mediums and I have found it to bring an amazing amount of joy and peace into my life. And I must say that it is a gift that I thank God for because, life should never consist of any one activity in our lives. No, we as human beings were not only designed to communicate but we were designed to create new things in our own ways. It is crucial not only for our mental and spiritual health but our physical health as well.

The following are some previews of my recently discovered talent. Which will soon be available in a new shopping cart that I am creating here on Country Girl Gone City along with some vintage style photography that I have taken with my old Pentax camera.

The following is also a video that I created my brother Mark for his birthday.

So, nothing is impossible. So,

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