New Life

Today marks the start of a new day and a new life. As well as a journey that I have not been at privilege to discuss, until now. A journey that began 2 years ago (exactly) when my hubby became deathly ill with salmonella poisoning. For which he recovered (somewhat) but then a few months later something still did not seem to be quite right with him. So, we travelled throughout the state of Georgia, to various top specialists in the field of oncology and all of them said that he was in total bone marrow failure and that he would have to have full chemo and radiation. As well as a bone marrow transplant. For which, in knowing my husband’s gene pool (to some extent) as I do, something just did not seem right to me. And I felt as if I had heard the God telling me for him “not to go through with this. That he would die” and I did not know why? I mean most any person that gets diagnosed with bone marrow failure automatically opts for a easy solution.

Thus, personally I had never been so torn in my life. But, my hubby, being the bookworm that he is, he really got on the ball and did a ton of research. Which lead us to a very caring specialist in Augusta, GA who was willing to go the extra mile in researching my husband’s condition. And after a barrage of tests in January of this year we finally got the results back and it was just as the Lord had told me, and that was that Dexter is Jewish (according to a special Jewish test that they did) and that he has an exceedingly rare disorder called Fanconi’s Anemia C. Which causes a certain type of aggressive cancer. And when it is treated with the full spectrum versions of chemo and radiation it immediately transitions into a lethal disease for which there is no cure.

Thus, after having visited all of the top specialists in the state of Georgia. They all agreed that they were not fully equipped to handle such a rare disease.

So, my hubby began to do a lot more research again as well as a ton of prayer, after which we found that the Lord was guiding us to the only place that could treat adult FA and that was a very elite hospital in NYC. Anyway, to make a long story short. Hubby and I have been working double overtime the last 2 months to make transitions happen with regards to his healthcare, our move, as well as transitions within my corporations, in order that I may work more remotely. So far it is a success!

But for now, today is only the beginning of my journey in this whole new world called New York City. And after watching the broadway play called Hamilton on TV with my Hubby, I have reassured him that ”in New York he can be a new man.” And he will be.

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