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So, what have I done with myself over the last few months since my sister’s passing you may ask. Well, other than keep myself insanely busy with my company, I have tried some new things and even went as far as remodeling my house. When you’re trying to remodel almost a 5000 square-foot Antebellum Mansion please be careful to watch your wallet. LOL! I have always heard it said that when you have a big house it’s a big problem. I can honestly testify to the fact that that is true.

Anyways, other than that I have discovered a new way to learn how to cook. For as most of you know normally I only keep easy to cook food in my pantry such as spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and all that easy to cook stuff. However, a couple of months ago my next-door neighbor contacted us and invited us to join a program called hello fresh. Which I thought was kind of cool. I thought it would be a good way to learn how to cook finally! So, for about a month I tried hello fresh. And in the first two weeks it seemed good. For the most part the price was fair, and the servings were a decent size. But then a few weeks in to the program the portion sizes seem to have changed. I am not sure why? So I begin to look around into research. As I begin to feel like I was not getting the most for my money. And then I begin to see some ads around in some places for something called Home Chef. Which offered twice the amount of meals per week, not to mention that the portion sizes are rather large. I mean, two people can actually eat a very filling meal every night of the week for less than $119 per week. And it’s that kind a savings that really adds up if you are a person that is desperately learning how to cook as I have been. It is $119 per week well spent just for the knowledge on how to cook. And not only that but you get to try something new every day. Or should I say, every couple of days because in truth it is just my husband and I, so we only select from 2 to 3 meals per week at four servings per meal. This allows for me to gain hands on knowledge on how to cook a recipe by doing it twice a week. And for those that are hands-on learners you know what I’m talking about. Listening to somebody teach you how to cook or watching somebody teach you how to cook, it doesn’t really work for those of us that are hands-on learners.

Anyway, getting back to my point. While I was trying hello fresh for the first few weeks, every time it would reach my front door the food seemed to lack and freshness. It would normally come to me kind of wilt and sometimes molded, and mold is a big no no for me. However, when I tried Home Chef I haven’t had a single issue really. Except for the first time when I open the box. LOL! And I went to pick up one of the ice packs and got that ewey gooey stuff on me, because when of the thawed out ice packs had ripped open. It was a mess. But, thankfully it’s non-toxic and it was very easily cleaned up. Anyway, my hats off to home chef for doing such a great job! And in bringing my household top-notch fresh foods that are ready to cook and awesome recipes that are totally scrumptious. Great job guys!

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