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Well, I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays as I’m sure you did here in the States. Mine was better, surrounded by family. Some of which I had not seen since my sister passed tragically a year and a half ago (busy, busy). Needless to say it was an overwhelming amount of love and emotions seeing them all again. My brother and his family especially.

Anyway, it is so good to write again, as I have a tiny break off from University this week. I have learned a lot over the last 2 years, not just from school but from life. And I know that I said I was looking into a theatre degree at some point a while back. But, things change and I figure that now more than ever, I need to get all in with the one that first loves me. Not to say that I am not already, but before I was born there was a prophecy on my life (and the same goes for my husband) and I realize now that I must fulfill it and that there is nothing, not even any forces hell that will stop it, believe me I know. But anyway, I am now going for a BA degree in Theology. To which you would not believe the adversity. For which I have had people from several different denominations come to me and be like, “What?! You’re going to be a woman preacher?” As if it offends everything that they know about the Bible. For which I say that I am going for nothing more than a Doctorate in teaching it on a University level and I will be nothing more than a Apostle/Evangelist to aid my husband, who’s a interdenominational pastor and evangelist himself.

This said, I have had to find a lot of backbone that I didn’t even realize that I had before. And to do that my husband decided to reacquaint me with my past and so he had me do a DNA test with a popular company called 23&Me and let me just say that that has been a fun adventure because, little did I know it but my dad did one himself, and a few weeks later I found out that I have another brother. This said, I am excited (in so many way) because with sister it felt like Mark and I were the perfect 3-some while growing up. But when she passed tragically in 2018 that left a devastating hole in my heart. But ya'll -I have a brother! There are three of us again! Suddenly, I don't feel like I will be left to my lonesome anymore. God is good! And I cannot wait to meet him one day soon.

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