Though None Go with Me

So, as some of you may already know. The last 12 months my husband and I have really been going through it. But you know what? I have come to the conclusion that I’m ok with it😄. Because, I have learned so much during this time period. Especially now (since I have changed the direction degree at my university), the Lord has been able to show me so much about the hearts of man on a individual level. So much so that I know now, who is serious and who is lying to me. Who is really with me and who’s not. I have learned that the people who said that they were “by my side,” during this great trial in my life, over half of them forsook me. And half of them actually started throwing mud on my husband and I. And even some were very abusive. But, you know what else? I praise the Lord both then and now. Because, I had every opportunity to become bitter and hateful but instead I chose to become better and I chose wisdom. And I have found much more power and strength, not to mention overwhelming joy in Him during this time than I ever could have found in becoming bitter and hateful. And there is such an amazing release of freedom in my life now, so much so that I cannot even explain it. But I will say this, that no matter what you are facing, run to Jesus and let all that hurt go. And you will find a lot more power and strength in that then you will find in holding onto your hurt and bitterness. Now, you say “doesn’t that mean that I have to forgive?” Yes, it does. But that doesn’t mean that you have to allow anyone to continue to hurt you or take advantage over you. This is where you will learn wisdom and gain great power over the whole situation. Thus, I encourage you to just let it go. Because, you are doing no one any kind of harm by holding onto it. But you are, however, doing yourself great harm.

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