​Over the last 40 years I have witnessed some insanity's happen within the church but none more crazy than that which I am about to share with you. Like most Christians growing up in the “Bible Belt” I have witnessed how people of another sexual orientation got continuously badgered with the Word of God and the whole “abomination of desolation... your going to Hell” speech. Well, I personally do not believe that their sexual preference is going to drive them to Hell and here are my reasons for that. Even now in light of recent events with “Gay Pride” month I believe that the church has created something that has inevitably placed us all on the precipice of a pandora's box, or a trap. Due to the church's continued condemnation of the LGBTQ's lifestyle and the world's enabling of it, we have inadvertently created a disability in this group of people; a disability that prohibits them from finding true salvation and forgiveness in Christ. Which in truth has made me think, what are we thinking church? Did Christ not rebuke his disciples for forbidding the little children to come to Him? How much more so a person of another sexual preference. Jesus Himself said, [1]“Those who are well [like you] have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” (Luke 5:31) [2] “For I did not call the righteous [you], but sinners, to repentance.” (Matt 9:13) To be honest I shake my head at the vain and trivial arguments that we as a church have chosen to take part in. For there are those among us that would choose to strain a gnat or fit a camel through the eye of a needle than to allow a sinner to truly find his or her freedom and I am sickened by it. I am also disgusted with those of the other extreme (within the church) that would consider allowing this to be the “new normal” when they allow a gay minister to operate in a position of influence. There is absolutely no biblical foundation for it. However, bare with me here a moment. ​Now I have not only beheld over the last 40 years as this has become more socially acceptable in certain churches but widely accepted by the world. This alone should be a yellow flag because in doing so certain parts of the church (as a whole) has joined hands with the world, which has not only given the enemy a toe hold in the church but it has created a trap for us all as believers. [3] For “it's long been feared that the issue would tear the [church] apart..” (Keith Boyette) And all I have to say is, “Church, if we cannot be resolute on God's full Gospel. Then we stand for nothing!” We must not be selective in what scriptures are true (or what scriptures we will accept) and what scriptures are not. Either we will accept all the scriptures or we will not and Christianity as we know it will perish. Thus, I believe what we have here is inevitably a ticking time bomb and if we as a church are not willing to wisely diffuse the matter than woe be on us all for our folly. ​[4] This being said, it is as I have told many people in the past “It's [simply] our job to catch the fish and it's Christ job to clean them, [and that's it!]” (Sherrell) And though the world has painted being gay as something that people are “born with”. ​In the article “Ex-gay man: 'Homosexuality is just another human brokenness'” (Pete Balinski) interviews Dean Bailey who grew up in a very uncertain home environment that lacked the fatherly attention that Dean desired, and because of such Dean began to search for fulfillment in other areas of his life; which lead him from emptiness to complete brokenness. Which brought Dean to the realization that he had a real problem and having been brought up by his mom in church, he decided to go back to church one sunday when he was 18 years old, there he gave his life to Jesus for the very first time. It was then that he realized what he had been missing all of this time, that fulfillment cannot come from another man or woman, fulfillment can only come from knowing Jesus personally. And in regards to homosexuality being something that's genetic, well, he answers that question best when he stated that [5] “I've seen no evidence that indicates that homosexuality is genetic in nature. The science just isn't there. It is merely a behavior [that has been born out of human brokenness]. [That the world] has presented it as an identity rather than a behavior to be dealt with,” said Dean Bailey (a former homosexual). ​Thus, what we have here should be looked at as a new religion within the world. Because even now certain states (Califorinia included) have outlawed both Christian and professional help for those that would seek to escape the choice that they have made (the choice to become gay, lesbian, bi, or trans). It's all a part of the “gay rights” agenda to protect their identity as being “gay”. Instead of facing the truth and stating that “being gay is what I do” they believe what the world says about them in that, “I was born this way.” And though there is some truth to that (bare in mind that there is 99.9% good food to 0.01% poison in a box of rat poison), this is how we are bated into traps with temptation. Because through one man's sin (Adam), sin entered into this world and it tempts us from the day that we are born until the day that we die. But God saw what we as His creation was going through and He had compassion on us by sending His only Son to die for us. ​Again bare with me, but this is what most people do not realize especially those that are not believers and that is that the penalty for sin is death, the actions of sin demands blood atonement for those sins. This is why when you see someone that is of a liberal mindset die way ahead of his time -that was actually prophesied in the book of Psalm when it said “bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days.” How much more so someone who has not only allowed the world to deceive them but they have deceived themselves? Brothers and Sisters in Christ if anyone is more in need of our compassion right now, it is those that have become trapped by their own choices. If anyone is more deserving of our compassion and understanding, it is them. Because they, like us, are going through it but on a much worse scale because they don't have the relationship that we do with our loving Savior. True, a lot of us have not traveled the same road that they are on but still they deserve no less respect. Because they are a fish same as any other in this ocean called life and Christ desires to save them as well. ​Now I know that some of you think that they cannot be saved, that they are anathema. Wrong! There is only one sin that the Bible states cannot be forgiven and this isn't it. There is only one sin that God says is unforgivable and its the very words that Satan himself said in his own prideful and arrogant way, that got him thrown down to this earth. That was unforgivable and nothing else. [6] Other than that, “there is no difference for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God...” (Romans 3:22-23) And with regards to temptation, there is no temptation too great that it cannot be resisted with His help. [7] For it's as He said “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in [your] weakness.” (II Cor. 12:9) ​ Now that you know my beliefs on this, know this, I too have loved ones that I cherish that are in this mess of confusion and hurt. I pray fervently for them, because I desire that they not only experience the best in life but Christ in His endless mercies, which makes this life bearable in both good times and bad. And I know now, having seen and experienced these things that Christ can truly set everyone free from their mistakes. That we in and of ourselves can do nothing, but add Christ into the equation and nothing is impossible. ​This being said, my judgment is clear and I am resolute that Christ indeed came to heal the sick and hurting, save the lost, and deliver all men and women who find themselves in these terrible traps. And I will judge nothing more than this, church, and that is are we working for Christ or are we working against Him? For it is as He has said, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” Are you working with Him church, or are you scattering abroad what He has gathered? [8] Because if anyone has scattered, “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones [in the faith].” (Luke 17:2) ​However, please understand that I do not wish to bash the church as a whole, by no means. I merely wish to point out that there are 2 extremes within the church that I must be against and that is: 1. The Church that swings itself to the extreme right by being too legalistic and adamantly sets itself against the LGBTQ lifestyle. 2. The one that swings way left, the Harlot Church as I call them, because they are a people that wants to be all in bed with the LGBTQ community, (you may know some of them for they are the more relaxed denominations) they do not address this confusion for what it is; nor do they have any inclinations of giving an altar call. ​It is these two extremes that I whole-heartedly rebuke, because neither of them have the whole heart of Jesus on this matter. For it is not His will that we as a church, hurt the already hurting. [9]“[For] a bruised reed He will not break, and a smoking flax He will not quench...” (Isaiah 42:3) ​All of this said, it is these two groups of mindsets within the church that have really made the church (as a whole) look like some sort of horrible beast and have completely alienated the generations for the past 40 years keeping them from coming to know Christ for who He truly is, a loving and compassionate Savior. And to be more specific, if we cannot successfully diffuse these hurt feelings that those two extremes have inflicted, then I believe what our generation's looking at as well as the generations that proceed forth in the future as Christians will suffer extreme persecution. [9]And confrontations like Ellen Page who stated “But his church [Hillsong Church] is infamously anti-lgbtq...” while confronting actor Chris Pratt on matters of his faith, will all seem like tossing a penny in a bucket once all is said and done, and this thing has had it's chance to come into its fullness. ​Thus as a full gospel Christian I must proclaim my stance completely and utterly against those that would seek to tear down the church as a whole. And that I am 100% against those that would hurt anyone who would try to seek Christ for His help, as well as those that would deny them access by not holding an altar call for fear of the person getting offended. I do not agree with either of these concepts. For as a church we must be here for anyone that is seeking, and as a church we must be strong; we must be resolute in the fact that we will not cower to the fear of what others will think when we give an altar call. But at the same time we must above all else remember that it is not us that draws them to the altar, but the gentle pricking and nudges of the Holy Spirit. It is Him that calls them, and it is Him that will clean them up and give them a new life in Him. BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Luke. NEW KING JAMES VERSION. YOUVERSION., 2019. Accessed 23 June 2019. [2] Matthew. NEW KING JAMES VERSION. YOUVERSION, 2019. Accessed 23 June 2019. [3] Keith Boyett. “Some United Methodists Plan to Resist Church's LGBTQ Vote” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Accessed 23 June 2019. ​ [4] Amanda Sherrell. “The Wisdom Seeker: Tweets of Wisdom” 2012. Accessed 24 June 2019 ​ [5] Dean Bailey. “Following Christ to Freedom from Homosexuality” Pure Passion Media. 2013. Accessed 24 June 2019 ​ [6] Romans. 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