Flight or Fight

In recent months I have found myself in a tremendous struggle. Not only with my health but in other areas as well. Areas that the enemy could attempt to finish me off with, but I am with Gods help not going to let him. I wrote this poem this week, because I have had enough. And I will do whatever it takes to strengthen myself, my life, and my armor in order to avoid the enemies attacks in those areas of my life again. The Bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Well, I fully and wholeheartedly believe that one. Because most people that I have realized, tend to make life altering decisions without knowing the cost or the effect of those decisions. Therefore, not educating themselves and most of the time finding themselves in a trap later on. The following is the poem that I wrote: Satan! Your On Notice. By Amanda Sherrell I’m sitting here in the dark tonight With nothing but a candlelight. People wait and people watch expecting me to fly or to flight. Finding myself in a whirlwind of life With seemingly no hope but to fly I look around to see you standing before me. You thought you had me but you thought wrong. You thought you could slap me You thought you could push me down. You thought you had me down but you thought wrong. You laughed and you mocked me As you planned to utterly crush me. But you did not know You failed to even recognize When I am at my weakest HE is at HIS strongest. You thought you had me down but you thought wrong. You thought you could laugh, You thought you could mock. But who will have the last laugh at the final flight? Who will come out a victor with a crown of Life? You thought you had me down but you thought wrong. For though you bully me push me into a corner I will not bow I will not break I will not fly but fight For I am loved Even when you say I’m not I am uplifted when you say I’m not And I am blessed Even when you say I’m not. I’m a Bride Therefore I Stand. I’m a warrior Therefore I Fight!

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