Chocolate Craze Days

Hey Y’all, as some of you may know I actually started my New Years Resolution back before Christmas. Now I know that you are thinking, “Why on earth would you do that?” Well, why not? I know that just dieting isn’t going to be enough, I know that the doctor has said that I have a degenerative disk therefore I must make a lifelong change in my daily eating and exercise habits.

This said I have learned an interesting trick and for those of us that have been struggling to get past all of the sweet cravings of the Holidays. This is the kicker for taking care of those those crazy cravings, and for Chocolate.

Now I realize that some of you might not like vinegarette dressing, so you may want to try an all natural ginger and apple cider vinegar tablets. You can’t taste them and they work just as well. But, if you enjoy a good sweet and sour treat as I do. Then you will love this, and I actually recommend just slicing up an apple and mixing it with Raspberry Vinegarette, and you can actually add it to a salad if you feel you need a little more nourishment. But what this actually does is the vinegar helps to curb your appetite and the Apple has the minerals that your brain is actually craving. Due to the fact that chocolate and caffeine have certain chemicals that block the brain from getting much needed nutrients, and actually keeps you craving more of those things that you do not need. Anyhoo, this is just a bit of food for thought. And I know you will be surprised the next time that you have a chocolate craving and you decide to eat an apple as well. I believe you will see a phenomenal change not only in your cravings but in your eating habits.

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