Precious Memories

The last couple of days have actually found me in a bountiful state of gratefulness. As it has dawned on me that never, not once since my youth have I ever felt completely at home. But this Christmas has almost brought me to tears at time with the things that have happened, this Christmas season. Getting to see my Granny Beach (My Mom's mom) and my Great Aunt Debbie (My Mom's Aunt) and spend the Christmas party with them was sweet in deed. It brought back memories of how we used to get together on a yearly basis, either at Thanksgiving or Christmas and bake all sorts of yummy goodies (Cookies, cakes, etc). But no memory being more precious to me than that of me and my mom, during the Christmas seasons when my dad was away quite a bit, we would actually spend my 2 week holidays (when I was off from school) making Bordens/Nestle pecan fudge, and going to Christmas Party's either at my mom's work or at my old church. But the thing I probably enjoyed the most was getting all dressed up and taking Christmas photos of each other and our cat's Pumpkin and Peaches at that time, with my Dad's old Pentax K1000 camera. The same camera that I still use even now for taking vintage looking photos, which by the way is becoming an increasing fad among the generations. So much so, that many of the walmart, walgreens, and cvs stores have begun to carry and develop film again. With this being said there is an even more amazing niche market for collectors beginning to open up, for people wanting to purchase vintage looking photography. Which is very cool! Anyhoo, those Christmas's were unimaginably special to me and something that I can take and pass down through the generations with my future children. And I pray that you will never neglect to do the same with your children, or the children that God may put into your path some day that may not have a loving mother or father or a good home life. They need your love too.

Love you guys and Merry Christmas! 

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