Birthing Something New

These past few weeks have been something totally awesome! My husband and I hosted a large family Christmas party at our beautiful Antebellum home in South Georgia just over a week ago. Which was a blast. And now for the past week or so Dexter and I have really gotten down to business, in determining what we want to do as far as goals for our ministry and businesses. And we have definitely determined that the business plan that my mom and dad had created when they first started Misty Mountain Inc 25 years ago was good, but it’s time for an update. And it will be one that I believe will bring the corporation into a year round business, for everyone involved. As during this past week we not only had the pleasure of meeting with our future director of marketing and strategy, but we also just finished up a big meeting with University of Georgia. Who is going to help us take this company to the next level. To which in turn I believe will give the company the much needed boost to not only be able to support itself and others better year round, but enable my husband and I to fulfill our callings in life. This being said, it has been a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah so far. And I have not felt so at home or at ease about things as I have these past few weeks, in many years. I believe that God is giving me the knowledge and the understanding to place certain things and goals into action and the peace to hold on in the meantime, until those things are fulfilled. Until next time, I pray that you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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