There is a sickness spreading around today at such a rampant speed, it makes the mind boggle. It is literally the worst kind of sickness, and a fungal rot to both the soul and the marriage. Not to mention the fact that it has a very long lasting chain of effects on you and the ones you love around you. It's in the moment when a wife finds out her husband is addicted to pornography and she feels hurt or betrayed, or in the moment when a little find her daddy doing unthinkable things on the computer. These are all very sad but true instances for many, and why so many good Christian homes are falling apart today. From the wife's perspective she feels so hurt and betrayed by the man that claims to love her, but yet he cannot help himself. This alone causes a deadly chain reaction to both souls involved, one that will not only dissolve the marriage but their souls over time if something is not done about it. The other perspective is that of the little girl who viewed her daddy as her hero, she will now go on to loose all trust in him as well as respect for him and her future husband, who is not even in the picture at this point. So what can be done about this? How does a person handle such a fragile problem as this? One thing I can say that should never, ever be done is divorce. Divorce should not even be in your vocabulary. One, because you promised when you when you first married him that you would take care of him in sickness and in health. So, unless he is threatening to harm you or your children in any way, it is time to woman up! And no, I do not mean give in to his desires in bed. By no means! You were freed from that when you accepted Christ as your savior. What I mean is one who is going to save your marriage right now is Christ, and the only one who is standing in between your husband in the devil right now (who is seeking to kill him) is you. Because you need to woman up and realize that your husband is very sick right now and he needs someone who is going to get down on their knees and start begging God for him and interceding for him! What he does not need is someone who is going to gripe and complain and drive him over the edge worse, and what he also does not need is someone who is going to run away at the first sign of trouble. No, if there is any hope for forgiveness and reconciliation, you must be the first one to do it. You must be the one to Woman Up! And fight for your man. I know this looks hopeless, but I assure you, no matter how rough things get and no matter how long it takes.. It will get better, if you will humble yourself and pray ferverently. God will show up, and he will deliver him. But if you do not, then you not only risk damaging your own soul but forever losing the love and respect of your own children. Who are counting on you to make things work. So make the commitment today to, make it work, make it stick, and make it count.

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