Undiscovered South

This Memorial Day my husband and I did something that we rarely do anymore, at least not like we used to. Seeing as there has been such a demand on our time these last few years. But, we actually got out today and did some exploring of places that have quite literally almost been forgotten about. One place in particular that we visited was a little town called Montezuma, GA. Where I am sad to say it is a town that most have forgotten about, and though it is rather run down I do see some hope for new life with the coming of the new performing arts theatre. And I truly hope that people will take some interest in this town before it vanishes completely.

On another subject, one neat place we visited was the Andersonville Museum and definitely one place I would highly recommend taking your children so that they may learn our nations history, so that we will not repeat the mistakes of our past. Of which I am certain we will surely do if we do not stop destroying our nations history, like that of the Nash Battlefield Museum which as of June 1st of this year - will be no more. It is so, so crucial that we teach our children the facts of history - and stop erasing history, or history will repeat itself.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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