Winds Of Change

Well, it has been another couple of busy weeks and it appears the winds of change have come again. Change, now that's a big word and one I have never quite added to my dictionary. Because, every time it happens it just about takes my breath away. But this time, I am learning that change is a must-have and a very good thing if we are to continue to grow and to walk with Christ. Though true it is not an easy thing, but rather it is a vital thing for us to be able to grow and to go through seasons in life successfully. For not doing so will cause our lives to stagnate and for us to grow more despondent followed by despair in which the enemy may wreak havoc upon our lives. Anyhoo, they change that I am speaking in regards to is one, we learned that my husband and I are the full owners of the company that I have inherited from my father who has recently stepped down and retired. And two the biggest change of all and that I will not utter here completely just yet is that well, let's just say we may be having a permanent change in scenery. As we embark on a new adventure one that I hope will see you the fulfillment of God's promises. Anyway, on a more exciting note I had a birthday this Friday turned 38. Now, I know you're thinking, "My gosh, you don't look 38." But it's true! I just have not had a lot of exposure to sun in my life so that has kept most of the wrinkles away. Anyhoo, my mom came and stayed with us a few days and she took me birthday shopping -it literally felt like old times again when she used to take me school shopping. Oh, how I miss those days! It felt really good to have her here, if only for a short time.

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