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As many of you know, I have been sick for quite some time. Much longer than anyone really knows, years maybe. All I knew until one hot July day just over 1 year ago was that I have always felt very run down and tired. That is until I purchased a Apple Watch at which point I began to realize that something might be very wrong. So, I began to pray and the Holy Spirit kept telling me to go and get a diagnosis. Well, I tried that for almost a whole year, I went to the emergency rooms, specialists, etc. All of them told me that nothing was wrong. It wasn't until last June, when I was going in for a surgical procedure for something totally different, that my body did something completely off the wall. Just before surgery my body temperature all of a sudden spiked, but what really got them concerned was that my blood pressure dropped deathly low. So, they ran some heart tests and discovered that there was in fact something wrong with my heart. Something that so many other doctors had missed. So, the surgery was cancelled and I spent the summer doing further tests. Meanwhile my health was deteriorating more than anyone knew about, except for my husband. Finally, after all tests were done I received the final diagnosis last week. It was infact Heart Disease with the beginning stages of conjestive heart failure to which the doctor informed me that there was really nothing more that could be done, considering my irratic heart rate. Wonderful news right? Not. Though it wasn't great news my hubby and I determined that we would not let this sway us and that we would return home for further prayer. At which point let me just say we prayed very heavily that night and in the following days. And it wasn't until 3 days after that that I began to recognize that God was up to something, but to what I could only have my suspicions, when I overheard someone giving their testimony to someone else about them being healed of such a problem. Anyway, last Tuesday as I was laying on my couch feeling very poorly a very dear friend of mine and an awesomely anointed woman of God, I call her Sister Marilyn because she is most definitely my sister in Christ, contacted me and I informed her of what the doctor said afterwhich she must have immediately put down the phone and went and interceded on my behalf. Because that very hour as my hubby and I were setting down to eat our supper, we sat down and turned on a bit of Christian tv. Which we have not done in a very long time, and as we did there was a man on there that gave the word that someone was being healed that very moment of heart disease. Well, it was at that moment I know I heard the Lord tell me "Rise up! Don't walk, RUN!!" So, I began to run and it was also during this time that my mother in law received word that I was being healed at that very moment and she called us to let us know, but we already knew.. LOL! To which I have to say God is real, He still works miracles, and He is an Awesome God! Amen!

Anyway, after all was said and done Dexter and I added up the time from when I received the official diagnosis to the day that I received the healing it was 7 days down to the very hour. Which was even more confirmation because the whole time that I was sick the Holy Spirit kept telling me to get the diagnosis first and then seek Him, to which I did.

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