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Well what a month, Praise God! I got to take my first flight on a large plane in 36 years. I had a blast with that! I promise you that Dexter thought I would probably never shut up. But I was ramped with excitement. We got to go to an awesome revival, to which I have never seen anything like it. It reminded me of those old Billy Graham crusades that I used to see on tv when I was just a little thing. We even got to travel to Sherrills Ford, North Carolina where my hubby's ancestors are from. It was like taking a step back into time, and I never seen such a beautiful grave yard on its own island in my life. I also got to experience some of the sites and sounds of what it must be like to live in the inner city of Atlanta. And the attractions are amazing, but I would not recommend anyone moving there - as to why I will not elaborate on here but it is a fun place to visit, just not live there. No, this country mouse says put me back in the country, however I must make due with a suburb right now. Which is still fine as I get to enjoy the best of both worlds, the country when I want it along with all of the shopping when I want it. (P.S. I LOVE TO SHOP) Matter of fact that's pretty much how my hubby and I spend our weekends when we are not in church. We either go shopping or spend time at the pool, working on my health. To which I must ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers as all of this going to and fro has obviously taken its toll on my health the last couple of days, and I am to go and see the doctor today. But I leave you with this encouraging note that is not for myself only but for those in need of strength.

"I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

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