Awesome Possum!

Well, we had a totally awesome possum weekend! The Hubs and I got away to Tennessee for a few days for a conference, and got to stay in a really nice suite at the Holiday Inn. While my mom and her boyfriend Dave Bristol spent the weekend with Pete Rose at the Cincinnati Baseball Hall of Fame, and my Dad spent the last several days with his new wifey in Arizona seeing the sights with my new little step brothers (though they are by no means little LOL). And if they are reading this, I am just teasing you as I like to be silly and tease ;-) .. Anyhoo, as many of you know the doctors have discovered a heart problem on me that they say may be the beginning stages of heart disease. And I know that many of you will tell me "Don't claim it." But, I am just not a name it and claim it person. It is what it is and only Christ can heal me in His time, not mine. In the meantime I have started doing some things to start regaining my health back. One is playing some badminton with my hubby in the evenings and doing some stretches in the mornings (not yoga, I will have to explain more about that later. But as a believer in Christ I believe that we should never take part in pagan practices), and the other is a recent endeavor one I believe will be better for me and it is aquatics as my hubby and I are now joining a local Aquatic Center. Which will be great for us. But, I just wanted to encourage you in this - and I know that many of you cannot afford or do not have time to exercise but surely you can do just 15 minutes a day? And don't wait for sickness to come knocking at your door before you do something because it may or may not be to late. But get up off of that couch, plan out a course in your home wether it is climbing up and down steps doing the "Stair Stepper" or doing Aerobics in your living room floor with Sworkit while competing with friends over an app like Activity Club, or even walking up and down the longest hallway in your house using RunKeeper. Get Up and Do Something! What are you waiting for? Go, put down your device and go walk or do something before it is too late. So, shew, shew!

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