It Been Interesting...

Well, after the shell shock of what feels like a lifetime of weirdness, the last few weeks have felt amazingly normal. And for those of you who know me and know my past, you know that things have not been entirely easy in my life, but then again who has an easy or a perfect life? I know some of you think that I have been blessed with a perfect life, but what you do not know is the hardships that I have had to endure to get me here. The heartbreak, the loss, the sickness, and yes the substance abuse that came with it. And though I do not know all that is wrong with this body, I know that there have been two people in my life that have seen me th

rough it all and they are the loves of my life, my husband Dexter Sherrell and my Lord and Savior Jesus. They have brought me through my darkest hours, and now finally into some light. And a overwhelming peace, and though this body wants to fail me again, like it has so many times in the past, I know that the Lord will heal me like He has done so many, Many times in the past. In the meantime though I have had a blast. As my Hubby took me to my first Baseball game the other day. After 16 years of telling him that I really wanted to go, he purchased us some front row tickets, to which I enjoyed every minute of getting sun burnt with him while watching it. And to top it off our team won! It was amazing! Now if I could only talk him into taking me to SixFlags (wink wink) like I have been trying to do for 16 years. But, I guess I better wait on that right now, or at least until the Lord heals this heart. Anyhoo, today is the start to another awesome adventure as we are planning to head up to Cleveland, TN for another awesome conference in which I am praying the Lord moves awesomely. We started to reserve a cabin but they were all booked, I guess it being summer, so instead we got a pretty good deal on a executive suite. To which I will post more about later. And I won't say be blessed, but rather stay humble and be blessable. TTFN!

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