Well, it has been an interesting past few days. I went in for surgery at Emory on Friday to try to take care of a growth in my body. To which I must say the doctors and nurses (particularly of the OR) are first class, top notch! However, the doctors and nurses of the ER are anything but, so proceed at your own risk. Anyhow, I arrived for surgery that morning feeling not so great, but that has been my norm for the past month and a half now, nothing too drastic, just a little dizziness and nausea. So, what happened later that day threw me and my entire family for a loop. As I was almost ready to go back for surgery the Anesthesiologist came by to check on me at which point she realized that a strange rash had over taken me and so she called for the nurse to come check me out at which point she did, she checked my temperature and my blood pressure to find that I had a low grade fever and my bp had fell to 90/40. So, needless to say the surgery was canceled and I was rushed down to the ER where the OR doctors tried there best to get me checked out immediately. But their efforts were in vain as one ER nurse and doctor were adamant upon making me and the poor guy who was puking his insides up next to me wait until 12AM the next morning to be seen. Thus, I waited patiently, feeling more and more like I was in the Atlanta VA hospital (aka VA Death Camp), where my father in law was murdered in 2002 (upon their own admittance). As the nurses were even fighting over wheel chairs and taking them from those who needed them most to give to those who questionably did or did not. Anyhow, I finally seen the ER Doctor after about 9 hours of waiting to which she popped her head in the door for about 2 seconds to say that there was nothing wrong with me and then she left. Unfortunately for her I could tell that she was not being truthful. So, I took it upon myself to grab a copy of my records on the way out. And with one look at them I seen the problem, not only do I have a growth (which they informed me is most likely benign now) but the beginning stages of a heart condition. So, I am humbly asking those of you who are my prayer warrior friends to help pray me through this journey to healing. For I know for a fact that ther is nothing impossible for those who believe in Him, and what so ever we ask in His name, it will be granted. For I am living proof of that, He has healed me many many times before and He can do it again!

And in the meantime I am going to begin to seek out the Lord's will for a more healthy way of living, not to say that I haven't been doing so already but, I would like to find a exercise that doesn't make me choke to my lungs out. Anyway, I pray you have a blessed and a happy day, and I hope to be able to add a forum on here soon so that we might correspond. TTFN!

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