Taking A Chill Pill

Today as the phones are busy ringing off the hooks, I am busy answering them from home. A luxury I know a lot of people don't have, but it is one that I am quite literally thanking God for today. As I am taking the time not only to do my work but to get everything situated before my surgery this Friday. Anywho, it has been quite a day thus far as I have managed to not only do my work but help my hubby with some chores and fight off a Farrell cat -who seemed determined to eat up my cat Jak through her cage, while she was enjoying the great outdoors. But thankfully she is ok. On another note, when I am not chilling with my kitties and working from the comfortable confines of my sofa, I managed a good DIY project today. One I know will enable me to go outside more without fear of pesky Mosquitos. As they have been very bad the last few years, and for anyone who knows me, knows that anything that can bite me will most certainly try to bite me, from animals to the smallest of things like spiders. Thus, I decided to take and hang up about 14 yards of fabric which was purchased from our local Hobby Lobby, and I must say, about 20 tacks later it looks beautiful! An if you ask me it looks far better than screening in a porch. As I for one cannot stand screens, they get torn and no one ever replaces them and they look ugly. But, this stuff you can wash it and it's easily replaceable. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspiration. I will chat at ya later.

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