Ok, first let me be plain, and please do not take this as a rant, it is not a rant only a growing concern within me. Recently I was with my husband in town and we ran into a seemingly nice Christian couple in town. A couple that has strived to lead a seemingly normal life, with not so normalcircumstances. I think they maybe even perhaps have strived a little too hard. Anyway, we met with them and as the conversation progressed they seemingly, reluctantly introduced us to their teenage son, who was very sweet and talkative - he wanted to talk about everything. I could not help but chuckle to myself, until the couple started telling him to be quite, and the mother actually got quite put out with him and started apologize in horror over her "autistic son" as she called him. When indeed he had done no wrong, after all he was only talking, and just being a typical boy. And I was fine until she labeled him "autistic" and apologizing for him being such, then I became rather appalled by her even thinking of her son like that. I can assure you, a child may have something that is different about them but on the inside they are no more different than any other child. On the inside they feel the same, they act the same, and they talk the same, and even better God created them the same - but yet He created them in their own unique way to be different just a little bit, because He has called them for a purpose. So parents, don't apologize for your kids, just because they don't measure up to your standards. Because I'll tell you what - that child (no matter what the label) always measures up to God's - anyway just let your kids be kids. And don't let them grade on your nerves so bad, just breathe, and chill - God made them and He's got them!

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