Good Morning Yet Again!

My bright and bold fur baby Zoey says "Peek-A-Boo and Hey!" But she is something else, she has more than doubled in size since I found her in my front yard 1 month ago, and she is just as spunky as ever. I call her my little Spunky Monkey. She loves to climb, chase feet and bite toes. Matter of fact she likes to bit period, I can only hope that it is because she is teething.

Anywho, the weekend was awesome. It felt so good to have all of my family in one place again. And I couldn't agree more with my husband in that we need to do more family and friend get togethers, minus a wedding (at least for now). Because, nothing not even communicating via the internet is like having them there with you in person- I don't care how high tech you try to become. No amount of technology can ever replace relationships and corresponding one on one. Good heavens, no wonder people are so depressed these days! People are so consumed and oppressed that they can't even lift their heads, especially to get it out of there phones. This is usually where I usually like to encourage people to take a year or so off of technology and get out and enjoy life for a change, to connect and have fun with relationships one on one. You say, "But thats impossible." And I say "No, it is not. Absolutely nothing is impossible for those who put Christ first in their life." Plus I know for a fact that it is possible. As I was part of the generation that was baby sitted by the Television and by the time I was 10 I had my very own Portable Computer "PC" aka Laptop or Notebook for this newer generation. Even though it was nothing like a laptop or notebook, it was more like a heavy box with a flip down keyboard, I was happening. My Mom made sure that I was continually placed in front of technology and that I learned all about its inner workings, because she new that it would one day pay off big for me - to which it has. However, what I did not realize was that in all my learnings of it growing up - I did not realize that had really became like a god to me and it literally consumed me in every possible way, to the point of almost manic depression. It wasn't until my late 20's that I started to realize this kind of heartache was surely not God's will for my life. So I started to ween myself - slowly at first but then more so a few years later as my husband, who is a ordained minister got called to do ministry way out in the country where we actually lived in the middle of 60 acres of woods and there was no TV, no Internet, no phone, and when storms rolled through -no lights. We lived for two years there and that place just gave me an amazing perspective on life and on how it can be lived to the fullest. I remember the house was directly beside a private lake and my husband would come home every evening and we would go canoeing with our dog Snoopy, or we would hike the mountain beside the house. So to say to yourself that something cannot be done is to only deceive yourself. Because it can be done, It can always be done if you are determined enough to do it. All it takes is the decision to make a simple lifestyle change. "For I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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