• Amanda Sherrell

The Wedding

I just want to say look what the Lord has done! The wedding was awesome and except for His help none of this would have ever happened. In everything we were well provided for by His goodness. The wedding procession was fashionably late, which is normal for my family, but then I also never realized that my mother could move so fast when it came to doing my makeup (LOL). But she did a wonderful job. My cousin Missy of Guy's and Dolls Salon in Blairsville Ga came down to do my hair and I really was amazed at the awesome job she did. The whole theme to the wedding was a vintage jewish/gaelic wedding and it turned out just like that. We even had a greek caterer from the Barnesville Diner come and do a jam up good job on the food, the Dolmades in Turkish Delight were a huge hit! The cakes from publix were absolutely amazing. And the support from family and friends just absolutely made this celebration rock! Not to mention we will be forever grateful to our good friend Rabbi Brian Hawkins of Beth Ohr Ministries for leading this ceremony. Thanks guys! We had a lot of fun and could not have done this without you.

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