The Chuppah (Ho-pah)

Good afternoon everyone! Well, my last 24 hours have been booked solid, LOL. After work yesterday Dexter and I went over to his mom's to get some things ready for the wedding, but most importantly the Chuppah or the wedding altar. Of which I am very excited about and cannot wait to decorate Friday. Anywho, Dexter and his step dad Sam built it out of a neat, rusty old cattle feeder. You can check out the pics above. They did a wonderful job! I did not realize that that thing was so big, until we stood it up. Also while working on lacing some jars I found one jar from the early to mid-20th century which is awesome. It will be more vintage to go with the theme. Well I guess I better get back at it, I have a ton to do before the big day.. TTFN.. TAH TAH FOR NOW!

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