The Music

Laying here this morning going over music for the wedding and my kitten nipping at my toes, as she seems to love to do. I am realizing that no matter how bad life gets me down I am thankful that God gave me Dexter. Because in my weakest moments he is there to help hold me up and even in my most sickest moments he is there to comfort me. You know, most people don't even take into consideration when saying their vows that it is for a fact a commitment to "in sickness and in health, forsaking all others.." All they see are the outside appearances of their future spouse, not even considering longterm or future things. They are only looking at what is temporary, and for most, a long term commitment is a scary thing. So, they take commitment very lightly and if they do get married then they take that marriage with a grain of salt hoping it will work but not really counting on it or being dogmatic about it. It is these people that do not realize that there is a Love so strong and so deep that it holds all other's love, together and that Love is Jesus Christ. For without Him I know for a fact that Dexter & I would have given up years ago. But because we abide in Him and His love for us, that enables us to love each other. Someone once told me that God created us to be mirrors of His glory, and I have never seen that as more true. We can either fill our selves with fear and be fearful, or hate and be hatefull, or we can fill ourselves with Love (HIS Love) and be loving towards one another and this is the glue that has held us together, through the thick and the thin. And in pertaining to the music, marriage is like a dance between two partners, occasionally you are going to step on each others toes but you must forgive each other and continue on with the dance.

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