The Ring

OK, So suit me LOL! But I went to pick up my ring today along with my dress, and I just absolutely drooled over this band. And though I am not getting it today, it is a thought for one day. Anywho, the top image is my beautiful new red ruby and 14k white gold ring with .75 kt of diamond halo surrounding it. And again I know people have been asking me "Why a ruby?" and all I can say is well 1. like i said yesterday I am reminded of the blood of Christ that washes us white as snow and 2. I also like it because it follows ancient gaelic/jewish traditions in that, they used what they thought to them was the most beautiful of stones and it wasn't always a diamond. So, this is why I chose the Ruby. Ruby Red for my love for Christ and His love for me ( as well as for my best friend and husband to be again Dexter Sherrell).

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