Good morning friends and welcome to my new personal blog! Oh how I have missed you guys since I came off of facebook several months ago. But some lifestyle changes had to be made. Anyways, you can now find all my personal updates and thingys right here.

Anywho, since leaving facebook some time ago. Life has definitely been interesting, I will give you that. Putting down facebook and/or technology in general can surely open up a whole new pleasurable adventure in life. However, sometimes not. Like everyone else my life has its ups and downs as well on the up side, as some of you may very well know my loving Hubby has asked me to marry him again. The date has been set for May 28th. Thus I have been insanely busy, not to mention the fact that Dexter and I have also inherited my fathers business, and on top of the fact we are also running a world wide web ministry. Which is all totally awesome and one might even say from a distance that my life is thoroughly blessed. But to look deeper you will find that, yes we have our rough times too. Dexter's health really went through it last year but I praise God for bringing us through. And now it is my turn, again. And as most of you do not know, I have been going through a series of tests over the past year to find out what is going on with my body, I have been to cardiologists, endocrinologists, reproductive specialists and more. To only just find out recently that they have found a growth within me. They do not know what it is but I will be going in for surgery on the 10th of June so please keep me in your prayers. As it seems to keep my sick to my stomach now days. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my new blog and all the interesting tidbits I will be posting on here as well as some throw back stuff, which I believe you will enjoy very much. Love you guys! Miss you! And I hope to here from you soon!

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