Born closely of Swiss/Irish descent in the mountains of western North Carolina. Amanda Sherrell "Amy Kay" brings not only her love for a flair of writing to the forefront on her blog, but she loves to bring her country wisdom mixed with her city sass and silliness into her life and blog as well in hopes of being a cheerful encouragement to others. 

However, Amy Kay not only loves being a silly light-hearted girl, but she also enjoys good intellectual speeches and debates on matters of politics, science, and religion which is something that she picked up from her father Roy (a former politician for the House of Representatives and Congress). And along with this witty intellect she also inherited her family's businesses in which she maintains a controlling interest in through her own corporation. Two of the well-known business entities that she inherited and has had a long time steak in is Misty Mountain, a company that creates top of the line pet food for top of the line pets, and Carefree UV a company that not only provided NASA with the means to purify water on the International Space Station but brings the same UV technology into the average consumer's home for purifying their ponds, pools, and drinking water (neglecting the need for any water softeners or harsh chemicals).

But in the midst of her busy life, there are three things that she holds most dear and that is her love for her family, her anchor of a husband Dexter Sherrell, that has managed to keep her sane over the nearly 20 years of marriage, and their love for Christ with a deep passion for spreading the Gospel together. And though they have no children, yet. Their hope is still in the Lord that  He will one day provide them with one of their own. In the meantime, they have five very happy fur babies. Three Cats (Tiffy, Zoey, and Dashald) and one boisterous Flat-Coated Retriever named Lilly. Together they are one big happy family.